Cayman Airways

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leon, CA: * Air China, IATA airline designator (CA) * Bureau of Consular Affairs, a division of the US Department of State * CA, Inc. (formerly known as Computer Associates) * Canadian Academy, an international school in Kobe, Japan * Canadian Alliance, a former Canadian political party * C&A stores * Carmelo Anthony, NBA player * Cary Academy, a North Carolina school * Catamarca, a province in Argentina * Cayman Airways, airline * Central Administration * Certified archivist * Channel America, a defunct US television network * Chartered accountant (CA) * Chief of Army (Australia) * Christian anarchist, an adherent of Christian anarchism * Christina Aguilera, singer and songwriter * Citizens' Alliance, a political party in Trinidad and Tobago * Civil Affairs, the official name for military units that conduct civil-military operations * Classic Army, a Hong...

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